The real danger is extinction.
We are a group that is united against the shark fin and flake trade and united against the New South Wales shark nets and drum line cull. We are here to support the rights of sharks.
About Fin Free Sydney
Fin Free Sydney is an Australian organisation that raises awareness about the severe ramifications of the shark finning trade.

In 2012, Fin Free Sydney was founded due to the lack on information provided to the public in regards to the shark fin market in Sydney. We focus on sharing information and encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of sharks. To achieve this, we use social media as a voice for the sharks; we hold events, educational demonstrations, eco-festivals and film premieres.

Fin Free Sydney promotes collaboration within the environmental organisations, political figures and local communities to bring an educational understanding of sharks and the critical danger of extinction that their species face.

Mission statement:

Fin Free Sydney focuses on reducing the demand for shark fin through education, as well as social and corporate responsibility. Through education, we can reduce the demand for shark fin and shark products. Through the reduction of demand, we can allow threatened shark populations to recover. We need them; they need us.

Who we are?
Ashley Avci

Ashley has been working within marine conservation for many years. The lack of attention that the shark fin industry was having in Sydney inspired Ashley to due something about it herself. She currently studies Environmental Management and Law; and promotes greater legal protection for shark species.

Sarah Avci

Sarah has always had a love for animals and the ocean. She currently studies marine biology, in order to research and find more evidence to support declining shark numbers. She aims to use her science-based perspective to change the public perception of sharks. Her passion for sharks and the injustices faced by their species led her to create Fin Free Sydney.

Our Volunteers

Without the help, generosity and support from our volunteers, none of our work would be possible. We appreciate all of the time and dedication from all of our wonderful volunteers. Please contact us today if you would like to be part of our organisation.

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